Spring is Here | Chanel Colours

If your budget is a little higher then Chanel nail varnish is for you! All of Chanel's make up feels so luxurious when you apply it. All the colours are so rich and vibrant!


Spring is Here | The Body Shop Colours

OPI isn't the only nail polish there is, if you're Vegan or prefer to use Vegan products The Body Shop have gorgeous colours. I love pastel colours for Spring and The Body Shop have a large selection of pastel colours, like the peach colour below!


Spring is Here | OPI Colours

As Spring is here I thought I would share some of my favourite nail colours. I only ever wear OPI and I am currently wearing 'YOU'RE SUCH A BUDAPEST'. It has actually come out slightly bluer on my nails, this could be because I'm wearing false nails. I love purple for the start spring as… Continue reading Spring is Here | OPI Colours