Searching for the Perfect Nude Colour | Update

I recently wrote a post on finding the perfect nude nail polish. When the OPI Infinite Shine collection released their nudes I was very excited and hoped I would find the perfect colour that I had been searching for forever! I tried all of them and I have found the perfect shade for my fingers and toes. For my fingernails… Continue reading Searching for the Perfect Nude Colour | Update


Spring is Here | The Body Shop Colours

OPI isn't the only nail polish there is, if you're Vegan or prefer to use Vegan products The Body Shop have gorgeous colours. I love pastel colours for Spring and The Body Shop have a large selection of pastel colours, like the peach colour below!


Spring is Here | OPI Colours

As Spring is here I thought I would share some of my favourite nail colours. I only ever wear OPI and I am currently wearing 'YOU'RE SUCH A BUDAPEST'. It has actually come out slightly bluer on my nails, this could be because I'm wearing false nails. I love purple for the start spring as… Continue reading Spring is Here | OPI Colours