Searching for the Perfect Nude Colour | Update

I recently wrote a post on finding the perfect nude nail polish. When the OPI Infinite Shine collection released their nudes I was very excited and hoped I would find the perfect colour that I had been searching for forever! I tried all of them and I have found the perfect shade for my fingers and toes. For my fingernails I wanted an understated, barely there shade and for my toes I wanted a slightly more obvious brighter shade. ‘Hurry Up & Wait’ matched my skin tone perfectly and is exactly what I wanted on my fingernails. ‘Don’t Ever Stop’ was perfect for my toe nails, it looks so feminine and the infinite shine top coat makes them look glossy an expensive. Obviously, everyone has different skintones so the colours will look completely different on each person but I would definitely recommend trying the colours out.

Picture1.pngAbove: DON’T EVER STOP! (left) HURRY UP & WAIT (right)


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