Summer Trend | Mirrored Sunglasses

Above: Rihanna in Dior, Gigi Hadid in KREWE du Optic, Cara Delevingne in Fendi and Kylie Jenner in Victoria Beckham.

I recently bought some mirrored sunglasses and I am now obsessed. I bought mine from Lamoda, unfortunately they are now unavailable. I’m not the only one who is obsessed; many celebrities have also been seen sporting mirrored sunglasses. I don’t know if it is just my pair that do this but they seem to block out the sun better than all my other sunglasses. Below are the exact sunglasses that Rihanna, Gigi, Cara and Kylie are wearing. But if you don’t have a couple of hundred pounds to spend on a pair of sunglasses take a look at my cheaper and equally gorgeous picks!

Get Their Look



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