SHOE TREND | Perspex Heels

Layer 2.pngI previously did a post about one of my recent shoe trend obsessions, Perspex heels. In the post, I mentioned that I had pre-ordered a pair from Public Desire, I also voiced some concern on how comfortable they would be and what they would look like in person. I don’t know why I was concerned, they are so gorgeous and I am even more obsessed with them. I cannot wait to wear them! The only slight problem with these heels is the strap, you have to wrap the strap around your ankle to create the sling back. If you’re not used to wearing heels then these probably aren’t the heels for you, Public Desire have a huge range of Perspex Heels so there are plenty of other shoes that would be more suitable. As the heels aren’t that high (for me) the strap doesn’t bother me that much so I’m definitely keeping them!

If you aren’t used to wearing high heels the Missguided or Ego heels that I posted in my previous post would probably be better as they look like they support the foot better than the Public Desire ones.



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