SHOE TREND | Perspex Heels

Above: Chrissy Teigen and Kim Kardashian West both wearing Yeezy perspex heels.

Everyone seems to be obsessing over clear Yeezy perspex heels. Me included. I’ve pre-ordered a pair from Public Desire, they seem to be selling out everywhere. I’m yet to try any on so I’m interested to see how comfortable they are, obviously heels aren’t always comfortable but they really don’t look comfortable at all. I am also a bit worried they could look a bit like stripper heels but I love them on Chrissy, Kim and Kourtney and I think they are so fun and different. They will be the perfect addition to my shoe collection and I’m excited for my pair to arrive!


Kourtney Kardashian’s look is probably my favourite by far. I’ve been obsessing over these shoes a lot recently but Kourtney’s look from the GQ Party on Tuesday Night really prompted this post! Yeezy perspex heels are around £555 take a look at some affordable versions of the heels below.


Get The Look
Public Desire | £29.99 |
Missguided | £25.00



Lets just talk about how amazing these Charlotte Olympia perspex clutches are. I love that Kourtney paired her perspex heels with a perspex clutch as I wasn’t a fan of the clutches Chrissy paired with her heels. My favourite is the clutch with the gold shoe clasp. The clutches come with purses that go inside from slogan and patterned purses to plain metallic purses like the gold one Kourtney opted for.charlotte


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