The Palm Springs Film Festival


Award Season kicked off on January 3rd, with The Palm Spring Film Festival Awards Gala. There were many unusual structured dress and the colours of the evening seemed to be oranges, black and navy! I picked out a few of my favourites of the night!

Reese Witherspoon definitely wins best dressed of the evening for me! Reese is wearing a 3D pearl Michael Kors black dress, the dress originally had a belt and it look so much better without it! The only thing I would change is the fit around the waist, it would look even more amazing if it was tailored slightly better.


Rosamund Pike is wearing Alexander McQueen. Rosamund recently gave birth to her second chlid and she looks amazing! I love everything about this look from head to toe, absolutely flawless! The only criticism I would give is that I would make the dress slightly longer but that’s being picky.


I love this Delpozo dress that Julianne Moore wore to the event. The structure is so intriguing and I love the colours with Julianne’s hair and skin tone. The styling is on point but I wish she did something more with her hair.

Unfortunately Suzanne Somers and Kim Dickens didn’t do so well. I don’t quite understand what Suzanne was thinking, she looks like she has two different dresses on with the top and bottom being different materials. Also I think the jewelry is a bit too much with the dress. Kim Dickens’ dress is nice but that’s about it, it’s very plain and doesn’t have any wow factor to it. Her hair and make up are very boring too.




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